“For the first time in 17 years I finally feel like I have a solid process on investment selection that ties in to my planning.

By presenting the guide as tool to explain the process clients understand that we are taking chance out of the equation
Standop program is very quick at responding to our needs and has always allowed us to make any changes to reflect our business and values.”

Shawn Bellefeuille
DFSIN Ottawa Financial Centre

Certified Financial Planner

“The Standop Program team is now part of my portfolio-building decision process and analysis of managers.

Their distinctive approach has made them INDISPENSABLE allies in the growth of our business. Impeccable service and professionalism!”

Benoît Laperrière
Altitude conseils financiers

Certified Financial Planner

“For me, the Standop Program means improvement and advancement.

Standop solutions have had a positive impact on two aspects of my business. On the one hand, their portfolio analytics expertise has helped me improve the investment planning services I offer. On the other, their portfolio optimization service has allowed me to outperform my competitors, and my business has grown rapidly as a result.

Standop Program has become a valued partner in the approach I take with my clients.”

Daniel Lanteigne
REVERBER Stratégies financières intégrées inc.

Certified Financial Planner