Why choose us?

What drives us

Help independent advisors to increase their market share by enhancing the quality of service they deliver to their clients.

We’re in a fast-changing industry. To consolidate and increase their market share, independent advisors need to level the playing field so they can compete against major financial institutions.

Standop ProgramTM is your solution. We simplify and optimize the management of your investment portfolios and provide deluxe presentation documents.

Increase the value your clients perceive you provide and spend your time where it’s most profitable for you: meeting existing and prospective clients.

Impacts of the Standop ProgramMD on your business development

Grow your assets under management

Whether your goal is to attack the wealth management market or up your conversion rate, the Standop ProgramTM offers:

  • Portfolios that let you compete with major industry players
  • One of the top business development programs in Canada
  • Portfolio analysis of both mutual funds and securities
  • Strategic support for business development and marketing

Be like most of the advisors who use the Standop ProgramTM and DOUBLE YOUR SALES!

CRM2: Maximize the perceived value of your services

CRM2: Threat or opportunity?
Some advisors will only be able to keep their clients by reducing their fees. The StandopTM Program will help you demonstrate the high added value of your services, to justify the compensation you receive.

Increase your perceived value:

  • Portfolio optimization to the highest institutional standards
  • Use of the information ratio
  • Sector balancing using the S+ Index Sector Efficiency
  • Deluxe presentation documents and tools
  • Access to top industry managers

Be systematic in your business practices

The financial services industry is changing fast. To stay on top, Independent advisors must set up productive business systems and processes.

Put your time where it’s most profitable: meeting with clients!

  • Set up a systematic approach to investing
  • Create model portfolios with guidance from our actuaries and CFAs
  • Use our help in setting up portfolios
  • Use our help in transitioning to a fee-based system

Increase the value of your business

Are you planning to sell your book of business in the next few years? Make sure you maximize its value.

  • Decrease the number of suppliers so it’s easier for a potential buyer to integrate your clients
  • Increase the retention rate